Hot Off the Presses

After receiving funding from the state, the Prince William Board of Supervisors has allocated $2.1 million towards the creation of the youth component of the PWC Crisis Receiving Center, which VOICE has been fighting hard for. 

This is a major victory for VOICE, our key allies, and most importantly the young people of Prince William County.  Read more here.

Thanks to everyone in the VOICE community for your hard work in organizing people and organizing money. Our efforts together count!

VOICE Shows Up for Housing Wins

Five VOICE leaders joined Marsha Rhea, Kevin Harris, and residents of Samuel Madden development to speak to the Alexandria City Council Saturday Feb 25.  VOICE supported proposals for new housing projects put forward by Samuel Madden and Community Lodgings.  Both projects were approved unanimously!

Mental Health & Schools

On January 19th, eleven VOICE leaders held a listening session with Assistant Principals from Arlington County Public Schools. We introduced VOICE to these administrators, developed relationships, and had some deep conversations with them about their experiences on the front line of the youth mental health crisis every day. 

For next steps, VOICE leaders will follow up with listening sessions in individual school communities based on the relationships formed and have an upcoming listening opportunity with APS students.  The team will also meet with Arlington County Health officials to review the status of their programming and hope to set up a time to meet with local hospital leaders.