Hold Relational Meetings

All pages should follow the same structure:

  • What it is
  • Why we do it
  • How it is done
  • Resources to help do it

A relational meeting is an intentional, one-on-one meeting with another person. It is designed to build trust and understanding of each others’ top interests. It is usually 30-40 minutes long, and ideally held face-to-face.

The structure of a relational meeting has four steps:

  1. Share your story
  2. Ask about their story
  3. Probe for top interests
  4. Think about a next step

Next steps may include attending VOICE trainings or Actions, or networking them with others who share similar interests.

Note: I do not see any resources for this step such as a video of a relational meeting. I don’t think any are needed, since this is pretty straightforward. The slide deck is summarized above, and the other resources do not address relational meetings.