Local Interfaith Group Raises $200,000 for Full-Time Dentist

Wed, 06/20/2012 : Reston & Great Falls Connection

VOICE, a local interfaith group, has raised $200,000 to fund a full-time dentist at the western Fairfax County branch of the Northern Virginia Dental Clinic, low-income dental clinic.

“Virginia, historically, is one of seven states in the nation that does not provide oral health care for adults. If an individual cannot afford access to a safe heath care, they may end up pulling their own teeth or going to one of the underground clinics where there is a high risk of infection. Also, it’s important to keep in mind, a lot of people who do not have proper dental
care access, end up in the emergency room, incurring greater taxpayer costs,” said Tom Wilson, executive director of the Northern Virginia Dental Clinic.

The monies raised will ensure funding for the clinic for two years. The full-time dentist will begin seeing patients July 1.