County Hosts Hearing on Crescent Apartments Redevelopment

Wed, 08/07/2013 : Reston Connection

“One of the primary requirements of anyone that responded to RFP was the retention of 181 affordable units,” said Barbara Byron of the county‘s Office for Community Revitalization and Reinvestment. “In addition to that, the RFP required that the rest of the units provide 20 percent of the total as affordable dwelling units.”

#LAKE ANNE DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS, a subsidiary of Republic Land Development, was selected by the county in early July.

#“They are required to submit detailed relocation plan for how the 181 residents will be moved to new development within Crescent property,” Byron said. “They will have to do that to our approval, and will be required to do that in the first phase of development.”

#Many of the current residents are concerned about the proposal, fearing that any relocation will be detrimental to their way of life. Herminda Belleza, who has lived at the Crescent Apartments for 12 years, is concerned about the effect a move would have on her daughter, who just graduated from Forest Edge Elementary School.

#“I am very worried about the Crescent redevelopment plan. If my family is forced to move from Crescent, this will disrupt my daughter’s education plans,” she said. “We have built our life at Crescent around good schools and closeness to my job. I would be unable to afford a more expensive apartment in Reston.”