$15M Win in Fairfax

We are delighted to share that, following a recent meeting with Jeff McKay, Chair of the Fairfax Board of County Supervisors, Chair McKay confirmed that the county has approved $15 million in one-time funds to develop a youth-focused Crisis Receiving Center.  Combined with the funding committed to the 23-hour adult recliners, the total commitment from the county is over $20 million.

For well over a year, the leaders of VOICE Fairfax have been working tirelessly to secure funding for a comprehensive mental health and addiction Crisis Receiving Center within the county. This action fulfills a commitment made by Chair McKay during our 500-person behavioral health assembly last year. It marks a significant step forward in providing essential mental health resources to our community. Further details about this groundbreaking project will be public in the coming weeks.

We deeply thank Chair McKay for his leadership, as well as the entire Fairfax Board of County Supervisors!

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