Congratulations Rev. Nixon

Big congratulations to our very own Reverend Kenneth Nixon for this great coverage of him, his book, VOICE, and most importantly the mental health crisis that compels us all to action! Read more about it here:

Now a community organizer and pastor at First Baptist Church of Manassas, Nixon wrote about his tumultuous upbringing in his new memoir, Born Into Crisis. Convinced his tragic childhood prepared him to advocate for mental health services today, he hypothesized in his book’s introduction: “I can’t help but feel that my life has been predetermined by the events that occurred on the day of my birth. … I was destined to end up right where I am today, advocating for the transformation of the mental health system in America.”

2023 Youth Behavioral Health Assembly

We have heard your passion around the mental health and substance abuse crisis facing Virginia’s youth. 

Now, as a member of the VOICE community, you have the opportunity to meet with Gov. Youngkin in person to work together on strategies that will help save lives and make sure our children grow up healthy and strong. 

Let’s build power together!

  • Make your voice heard by signing up for the assembly today.
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  • How can you make a difference?

Power is organized people and organized money. Let’s ensure that our community is organized around creating a better world for our children.

Sign up for the assembly here

Download the flyer here (English)

Download the flyer here (Spanish)

VOICE Alexandria Goes to City Hall

Three VOICE leaders had an important meeting with the city Assistant Director of Zoning and Planning. They discussed strategies for developing the new Housing for All initiative, the first comprehensive zoning plan since 1992.

(Fr. Santiago Rodriguez, Rev. Linda Olson Peebles, Marsha Rhea)